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What goals are you working on now?

What ever direction your life is taking you, congratulations for getting into action to craft a life of greater satisfaction and wellbeing. With coaching, you discover how to align your values and priorities with your goals, so you get  into action and make faster progress in achieving them.                                

SignpostsCareer Transitions

Where are you in your career cycle?

Answering this question leads to lots of other questions about which path to choose.

  • Do you want a better work/life balance?
  • Are you seeking your first job or a better one? 
  • Are you looking for a new job after being downsized?
  • Are you contemplating retirement?
  • Or, if you already retired, are you wondering what you can do to enjoy a  meaningful life, post retirement?

In coaching, I can help you craft your own best answers to these and other key questions. Building on your strengths, you can discover what is most important to you in your career and how to add those elements in your work or life in retirement.

graduation mortar board and diplomaDoctoral Student Coaching    

How long have you been in your program? Do you yearn to speed up your progress to PhD completion?

You know that you are smart and capable, but sometimes the demands of advanced graduate study can be daunting. When progress is slower than you hoped, it’s easy to get demoralized and lose track of why you decided to pursue a doctorate in the first place.

Coaching can help you achieve your academic goals and feel great when you get done! I can help you use inquiry to reengage with the ideas of your discipline, enhance and maintain your self confidence, and apply your strengths to the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Coaching can help you to get and stay organized so you use your time productively. You can also work with your fellow students within your program or school to organize a Finishing Strong Doctoral Coaching Program.

wellbeing, wellness, Health & Wellbeing

What does optimal wellbeing mean to you? 

  • Radiant energy and endurance?  
  • Getting more exercise? 
  • Eating a healthier diet?
  • Losing weight?
  • Better self-image?

You know there is no shortage of good advice available about how to do the things that we know contribute to wellbeing. We also know that many people have trouble taking that advice and keeping up with their healthy routines. There are always distractions and temptations that can get us off track.

Your efforts to improve your wellbeing don't have to require “self discipline and self-sacrifice.” In coaching, we  look for answers to the question, “How good could it be?” You identify situations where you get “off purpose” and develop strategies that keep you moving toward optimum well being. As your coach, my aim is empowering you to succeed. I would hold you accountable for following through on the strategies you develop and give you honest (but not guilt-inducing) feedback when you do not keep your commitments to yourself.

Chronic Distractibility and Adult ADHD

Wellbeing also includes the ability to focuss your energies to achieve your goals. With pervasive social media and multitasking, it is easy to get distracted and diverted from your priorities. Sometimes chronic difficulties with distractibility can be symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD. Find out more about ADHD and the benefits of ADHD specific coaching for adults.

Professional Coach Certification

Are you pursuing certification as a professional coach? If so, congratulations! You are entering an innovative profession where you can partner with people to create the lives they desire. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leader in developing a definition and philosophy of coaching, as well as establishing a set of ethical standards that ICF members pledge to uphold. ICF sets the standard for professional coaches through its credentialing program. An ICF credential documents your professional training and assures clients about your experience as a coach. 

If you haven't already done so, you should review the requirements for your credential. For Associate Coach-level certification (ACC), the ICF requires 10 hours of mentor coaching in which you demonstrate your coaching skills to an experienced coach with a Professional Coach (PCC) or Master Coach (MCC) credential. In mentor coaching sessions, mentor coaches provide less experienced coaches (mentees) assistance in achieving and demonstrating the coaching skills and competencies required for the credential level they seek. As a PCC level coach, I delight in helping coaches build their skills and confidence so they can succeed in passing their credentialing exams. Learn more about Flourish! Mentor Coaching Services.

Intuitive and Holistic Approaches

In all my coaching, I integrate approaches from positive-and energy psychologies, and intuitive coaching techniques to raise your energy and stimulate your imagination. As opportunities arise, we may use visualization exercises and emotional freedom techniques which use tapping on specific acupressure points to heal old traumas and remove the emotional blocks that can stall your progress.










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