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Why Life Coaching?

Let's do a quick visualization exercise to tap into your strengths. Close your eyes...

Recall a time when you were feeling great and "at the top of your game"-- see it as if the situation was happening right now. What are you doing? 
What is going on around you?  Who is with you?
How does your body feel?  What is the quality of energies flowing in and around you? 
How long does that great feeling persist? 

Before going on, take a few moments to savor how good you feel...

sun flowers

Many people start life coaching when they feel that their lives are out of balance. Think about where you are in your life now. How often do you have the time and energy to do what you love and enact your purpose in life? In life coaching, you give yourself the gift of time to reexamine how you feel about all the dimensions your life (values, work, relationships, finances, health and wellbeing, pleasure, spirituality and meaning, etc).  What is most important to you now?  Is the life you are living in accord with your values? What’s missing?

In life coaching, I work with you to set priorities, develop strategies and take action so that you can answer the question, “What can I do now to make inspired breakthroughs and make a balanced, satisfying life a reality? “ Person puzlzing about how to achieve goal

Your coaching sessions are tailored to your goals and preferences. Coaching can be effective working with one on one or with groups. You can have additional email consultations between our calls. 

I also offer other coaching services to address more specialized needs, including:

 Because "life is what happens" when you are pursuing a goal, we use life coaching strategies to examine how the rest of your life can best support your efforts.  


Inspiring Breakthroughs for Rewarding Lives
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